Kindness does pay

I was just at the grocery store where two ladies and a baby were in another checkout, struggling to get their benefit card to work for the last $25 or so of their groceries. As one of the ladies walked off, I took cash out and handed it to the cashier. She was shocked and told me not to worry about it. I told her it wasn’t much and I could pay it. She said that the lady was checking her balance and it would be okay. So I put the cash away and said “Okay, but if she comes back and her card still doesn’t work – please let me pay.”
When she came back she got it to work for the majority of the amount and went on her way…
But as I finished up at my checkout that cashier came over and handed me two $2 vouchers and said “thank you” for my kindness and another patron told me I “did something lovely tonight.” I know it’s not much, but it brought a tear to my eye. Don’t mind me as I sit over in this corner and sob…

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