A Vision in Aquamarine


It’s funny what memories suddenly come back to you when you spend some time thinking about old friends and places. Today I suddenly remembered a particular memory – a fleeting incident that happened when I was about 17. No real significance is to be had from this memory, it is just an anecdotal moment in my history. A story to tell when at a party and somehow the conversation steers in that direction.

It was a Summer day in Stockholm, Sweden. I was supposed to be meeting Anneke in town for some shopping and I arrived earlier than planned, so I decided to chill on the steps of the Kulturhuset to read my book.

This particular Summer day, I was immaculately dressed if I do say so myself. My outfit matched to a T. I wore an Aquamarine tank top, an aqua Asian embroidered mini skirt, and some clunky sandals that were also made from aqua Asian inspired embroidered fabric.

I settled down on the steps and lowered my head to start reading. After a few minutes I heard a *clickclickclickclick.*

I looked up and saw a Japanese tourist with his camera pointed at me. He held really still. I saw him see me note him. I turned my attention back to my book. *clickclickclickclick.*

I shot my head up and squinted at him as he remained perfectly still watching me as if I were some form of wildlife he did not want to startle.

I slowly lowered my head keeping my eyes on him until the last moment. *clickclickclickclick* Annoyed now, I turned my head only slightly from the side to peer at him…. *click…click… …. …click.*

Just as I seriously considered getting up and walking away, he turned and walked away with his group.

I closed my book, suddenly noticing that my copy of “The Beach” that I had been reading perfectly matched my outfit with it’s big eye and ocean water.

Once in a while I wonder if my image has ever turned up in an Asian tourist pamphlet, possibly labelled as a Swedish girl on the Summer steps of Kulturhuset, a girl with blue eyes that was a vision in Aquamarine.


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