Really? Really.

So… I previously mentioned in another post that my 39 year old ex is dating an 18 year old… Now, they are expecting a baby. I’m just gonna let that sink in a moment…

Shocker, I know, that this post is a short one. I am just slightly flabberghasted, that’s all. It is his first and her second… Wow. Just wow.

To see the original post in which I mention them dating go to:

…and I promise you another more quality post within the next few days 😉 In the meantime I will be posting something I put together last week… Hopefully you all will enjoy it 🙂

Also: Wow, thanks for the love y’all! My followers have increased by nearly a third in just the past couple days! I am relativley certain that most of the increase likely has to do with having her blog party! Thanks Kelzbelz! 🙂



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