Memory – Character Reference

Recently I have had to deal with a situation in which there is someone that tried to discredit me. I seriously considered at one point using the “BCC” feature in an email and decided against it. I consider myself transparent and with high integrity. I don’t feel the need to tell some people everything, but I do not lie and if I am going to carbon copy someone into an email I am not going to be sneaky and put them in blind. I want to be the bigger person.

During this consideration of using the BCC feature, I recalled a small memory from a few years ago. It is seemingly an unrelated incident – but I suppose I thought of it because I was considering my own character and how others may perceive me in that respect.

Thomas was an RN I used to work with on Surgical-Step down. We didn’t work the same shifts all of the time, but when we did we tended to be “breakfast buddies” which really meant that we would walk out of the hospital together and pick up breakfast in the Children’s Hospital on our way to the parking garage we were both assigned to.

This one particular morning we decided upon the Subway kiosk. He completed his transaction and stepped to the side to wait for me. I ordered one of the flat bread breakfast sandwiches that were a new item at the time. I had never tried one before.

The cashier rang my order up as something different so the charge was not what it was supposed to be. I pointed this out to the cashier and he promptly changed it and thanked me for pointing it out.

Thomas said “Trying to overcharge you, huh?”

I said “…No. My meal should have been more expensive.”

He gave me a curious look and replied “Really?”

“Does that surprise you, Thomas?”

He considered me for a moment, and as I reached over and picked up my food he said “No… No, that doesn’t surprise me.”


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