Best Friends, Dane

A bit of a whinge

I just want to talk to best friend boy… is that so much to ask? The thing that sucks most about living in another country than that of any of my best friends is that it’s so much harder to get a hold of people – primarily because of time differences. I’ve got Svea and Maja on FB messenger and Skype, it’s just hard to catch each other sometimes… but at least the time difference isn’t as bad as it is with Dane. …and Dane is just not on the computer much so I have to usually call him (or wait a week for an answer to an email.)

Dangiiiittttt Daaaaane…. Answwweeeerr your phoooone!

Yes. I am resorting to whining and pouting …and hell, I’m even gonna stomp my foot!

That’ll teach ‘im!

The thing that makes the situation even more difficult is… her. Any female that has a male BFF can relate, and understand when I say…her. The chick of the moment. The lady friend who feels threatened by any good female friend of said boy. As she should… but Hun, acting the jealous bitch won’t help you much. Because of this chick of the moment I can’t call on the weekends or during evening time – his time. She has gotten upset with him when he has picked up the phone when I am on the other end. To avoid conflict, he asked me not to call then… and wouldn’t pick up if I do and she happens to be around. They are on again off again… every time I talk to him it’s different and I can never know where I stand re: calling BFF-Boy times.

So now I can only call him in the AMs before work… and that’s only when he is not super busy that week at work. I talk to him when he sips his coffee, or on his drive in. There is a limited window of opportunity to get a hold of him. If I call while he’s rectifying his pantsless situation (in laymen’s terms we’ll say “putting on pants”) or some other specific morning routine, he’ll miss my call and won’t be able to call back. I’m the one that calls because of my free calling to the US portion of my phone plan.

*Sigh* I haven’t talked to Dane in at least 3, maybe 4 weeks… Daaaane! Anssswwwweeeerrr yoooour Phoooone! *POUT, STOMP* ….Don’t make me squint in your general direction and cross my arms as well!

EDIT: 45 minutes later and I see I have an email from him. Looks like he is super busy out at a base in another State… and when that happens it can be even harder to get a hold of him. Okaaay, Dane… I guess you’re excused… at least this means I can attempt calls in evenings and weekends to increase my chances 😉


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