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Dane Memory #4 – In the recesses of Dane’s mind

Before the fight:

I used to help Dane throw his parties and BBQs, mainly I would come slightly early, help him organize the food; primarily the sides as he handled the meat and liquor.

Most often, after the parties dissipated, I would stay behind and either help him clean up and/or watch a movie, just me and him.

One night he was throwing a party for a subordinate that had reenlisted – he had promised this guy a party if he reenlisted, and he delivered. Everything was going fine, not an incredibly special gathering in relation to any other weekly get together; except for this extra person I did not otherwise know.

Then this man fell asleep on Dane’s couch. Sitting up, he just crashed out after drinking excesses of the free flowing alcohol.

“Ummm… Dane..?” I called out, as I sat in his arm chair.

“What’s up?” He called out from the kitchen, poking his head around the corner.

I pointed to the couch, “Is that… ummm… Just… uh… come look at this.”

There was a dark circle on the upholstery coming out from underneath this sleeping soldier. A dark circle that had increased in size already from when I first noticed it.

Dude pissed on Dane’s couch. Not cool, Dude. Not cool.

Dane was so angry. He shook him awake, told him to clean himself up and get out of his house. I seem to remember someone else arranging this guy’s way home. Dane set about cleaning his couch, visibly angry but not saying much at first. David suggested that perhaps everyone should move on to another location.

“Good idea. Party over, everybody out!” Dane said.

I had never seen Dane throw people out before – he was ever the host – but he was justifiably upset. So I went to follow everyone else out, grabbing my purse where it sat by the front door.

“Not you,” he said.

“What?” I replied.

“Stay. I want you to stay…. Watch a movie with me.”

“Oh, okay.” I said as I put my purse back down and shut the door.

I helped him tidy up a bit in silence, and then we set about picking out and watching a movie.

I curled up on a non-contaminated part of the couch while he settled into his arm chair… he subsequently fell asleep, as he was prone to do in such situations.

There was one other time I specifically recall that a party ended, I stayed to watch a movie after Dane told me not to worry about tidying. That time we watched “Talladega Nights” and as I realized he had fallen asleep – I gently shook him awake and he roused out of sleep exclaiming “I wanna go fast!” an obvious reference to the movie he had fallen asleep to. I laughed and sent him off to bed.

This night, however; I don’t recall what we were watching. I could probably hazard a guess – but I’d likely be mixing up memories.

This time I gently shook him awake. Only half roused he said “I want you.”

I stood back and said “What?”

He opened his bloodshot eyes and said “Huh?”

So I replied “Nothin’, Hun. Time for bed… I’m gonna get going… Got your water? Good, Okay… Good Night, Dane.”

I watched him climb the stairs and then I picked up my purse and left – wondering what Dane was thinking in the recesses of his mind as I locked the door behind me.


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