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Birthday Greetings

I’ve always remembered Dan’s birthday as being in May – usually I recall the date as well, though some years it slips my mind. It’s funny how some birthday dates just stick in your mind – not because of any specific memory to do with the date… For instance I still remember my Jr High BFF’s birthday was October 2nd. She and I were out of touch for many years, yet I still remember that little tidbit.

Anyway, I never specifically celebrated Dan’s birthday with him; I have no specific memories to do with him regarding birthdays. Nothing more than a passing greeting at school, or now over the years a passing remark on Facebook. Usually I make it a flippant remark; an attempt at humor. I know full well I come off as insincere; though I don’t necessarily feel that way every time. I guess I just guard myself, even now from letting him know how much I always cared about him and his well being. I usually refer to him as an old man of some sort – as he is two years older than I.

This year I woke up to an alert on Facebook – it’s Dan’s 34th birthday. This year, I had no urge to try to be humorous or display any form of insincere-ness.

This year, I saw the notification on my phone before I even got out of bed. This year, before throwing back the covers to get up for the lovely mother’s day breakfast my kids (husband) had created; I pulled up facebook and posted this to Dan’s wall:

“Happy birthday, friend. I hope it turns out to be a wonderful day and an awesome next year for you.”

I may be remembering wrong; but I believe that is about as sincere as I have ever allowed myself to display to him. Regardless, I mean it. I’ve always meant this, and so much more. Happy Birthday Dan. I just want you to know (though you don’t read my blog) that I truly wish all your years are wonderful. I truly wish you have happiness all the days of your life. …Happy 34th, old man.


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