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Viktor – #2

I got a message from Viktor today… He read my post about him and… I just… Well… He liked it. He actually liked it and thanked me for writing it. I know I copy and paste messages sometimes into my blog post, but this time it feels a little too personal to put his exact wording out there – which feels weird to say after every other personal thing I have already posted.

I must say, I was very impressed with his writing style and couldn’t help but think he should be the one to have a blog, lol.

Anyway, to explain the gist of it all: He told me he was nervous to read what I thought about him. Apparently, he always thought he had been an asshole in our relationship. He said that he even used our relationship as a benchmark of how not to be in subsequent relationships.


I have never, ever thought of him as an asshole. Perhaps he was an asshole in his head, but he never displayed asshole tendencies to my face. It makes me a tad sad that he thought so poorly of his past self all these years. I honestly always felt bad, or like I was the jerk in the relationship, because I thought…knew…he would be good for me. I wanted to want him more, but I just didn’t have the feelings that were required.

He said he was impressed with my ability to remember the details. What can I say? I generally have a pretty good memory… then he thanked me for being so open about it all and giving him a new perspective on himself. He said this really helped him.


And here I was nervous about how he’d take it and if he’d hate me for putting it all out there in the blogosphere.


6 thoughts on “Viktor – #2”

  1. I always wonder what people will think when I write about them too… of course, most of the time THEY never read what I’ve written… lol. Glad this one worked out for you 🙂

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    1. Even though I’ve changed names etc I try to let them know so they can read if they want to – not everyone does… Of course I don’t contact the couple of guys that I write really bad stuff about (David and Wyatt) but I at least give others the option. I would prefer they know from the get go that I write about them instead of having mutual friends point them in the direction of the blog and have them realize it’s them or something… But yeah, so glad he liked it 🙂

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      1. That’s great that you let them know. I’ve written some about my ex–he will never see them ’cause he is blocked.. lol And I’ve written some about my current guy… he knows and doesn’t care since I never use his name… keep writing! I enjoy reading you 🙂

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  2. I occasionally write about people in my life and it’s amazing some of the responses. My parents usually share my blog to everyone they know because I have a few posts about them. Then, they are shocked about what I’ve taken from them out of life.
    It’s nice to hear other people’s thoughts about youself. It almost makes a person go “hmm so that’s what they really thought of me.”

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    1. It has been interesting, I was able to get a little insight from a few different people when I started my project – it’s crazy how some people read me like a book, and yet others viewed me so different than I viewed myself (in both good and bad ways)… Glad he was pleased with how I viewed him and how it was much more positive than he expected 🙂

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