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Welcome to Sweden

Hubby-mine introduced me to the show “Welcome to Sweden” a few days ago. I feel like I had heard something about it and must have thought “Huh, cool, I’ll have to check that out.” And then had subsequently forgotten about it. For those of you that may not have heard of it; it is a bilingual (English and Swedish) show that is produced by Greg Poehler – yeah, I hadn’t heard of him either… but he is Amy Poehler’s brother and he is funny in his own right. My husband was perturbed that the version he got had the Swedish subtitles, but not the English like he thought… so the few he watched with me I had to explain some of what was going on.

Anyway, I don’t intend that my blog be a place where I review multimedia, but I must say I enjoy this show. It has a good balance of US and Swedish humor. I don’t know how it would fare in the US, but in Sweden they have had bilingual shows before – and as most Swedes speak excellent English, the dual language thing would not be a hindrance to their viewers. Either way, like I said: I don’t mean to make this a place for reviews. The reason I mention this show is that it makes me yearn for Sweden. It is relate-able to those that know Swedish culture and more so the common Stockholm scenes pull at my heartstrings and have me feeling almost homesick. It’s like I half expect someone I know to walk past in the background. I must say even – I knew someone very much like the Uncle Bengt character. Someone who was so in love with the US he would all but wear the US flag… his entire room was covered in flags. He even insisted on speaking Swedish with an American twang… LOL. So even that out-there character is relate-able for me. The night lights,  the walks through snowy streets, the endless Summer days, stereotypical Summer stugas… Stadshuset, Gamla Stan… What I wouldn’t give to be back there again. “American in Paris?” PSSSSH. What I wouldn’t give to be an American in Stockholm again.

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