Eurovision Y’all!

I’ve been a bit of a slacker with writing this week… but I have good excuse(s). First: my office is moving so I was busy at work getting ready for that… and Second: Eurovision, y’all!

That’s right, I am admitting to the entire world that I am a Eurovision geek right here on WordPress. The last time I watched it before moving to Australia in 2013 was waaay back when I was living in Sweden in 2002. Living in the US for those 11 years I was not easily able to keep up with it, but I moved here in 2013 and with Australia being obsessed with this particular contest I was able to easily watch it on free air TV. My first time in 11 years I got to obsess for three days in front of the telly. How ironic that it was held in Sweden that year.

Not to toot my own horn, but I so far have a 3 year streak of predicting the winner during semi-finals. I swear, I have proof via Facebook statuses and comment streams. This year… I mean, I know I tend to be partial to Sweden anyway… but srsly. SWEDEN, Y’ALL. I’m so excited!!

This year is the 60th anniversary, and as a special grant they had invited Australia to compete just for this year. Australia actually placed top 5, pretty good showing for their first time, hey?

Ok, let’s get to it. My faves overall this year were these (my top four):

Sweden, well… duh. Staging, leather pants… what else can I even say?

BELGIUM – OMG how cute was he? Unique and awesome. Loving it.

Estonia – dude reminds me of an old friend of mine in the US… and just… such a good song. such a good show. And in the finals she even had a tear roll down her face. Heartstrings, they’ve been pulled.

Norway – Such a good unique song…. and what can I say, I like the Scandinavians.

And then in no particular order, I really enjoyed these too:

Switzerland – so disappointed they didn’t make it to the finals 😦

Spain – DRAMA. She has the drama.

Russia – how gorgeous was she? and then in the finals, with the almost crying at the end of her performance. Phew.

Romania – heartstrings pulled a little bit more.

For those of you in the US and may have no idea what I am talking about, I have embeded the videos of my fave top four below. Watch and see what you’re missing 😉


Cutie Patootie Belgium:

Emotional Estonia:

The Monsters from Norway:


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