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Jimmy (part 2)

“I found it interesting that he actively didn’t like me.” Justin’s words appeared on my phone. “I had a reason to dislike him, but as far as I know, I never really had any chance to give him a reason to hate me because I never really interacted with him.”

“I don’t remember what it was all about… But you two must have had words at some point.” I replied.

Justin has read this post in which I confessed my crush on Jimmy – a guy he hated in High School. …Personally, I find it interesting that we are starting at this point.

Well, actually it started with Justin being pleased he comes off as a good guy because he was the one “bothered by the thug because he bullied others.”

Our convo continued:

“I probably stepped in at some point when he was picking on someone, telling him to stop. I don’t particularly remember it, but it sounds like me. I tend to frequently find myself in that white knight role, lol.”

“I was thinking it was something like that, honestly… Just couldn’t remember for sure. I also recall you talking some other kids out of jumping him because of the promise you made me… You’re a good guy, Justin.”

“I stopped guys from jumping him?! High School was a lot more violent and cut throat that I remember! LOL”


“Yeah, they were kids on your bus making a plan. You told me they planned to have baseball bats and get off at his stop and jump him. You told them you hated him too, but that I was friends with him and you knew I’d be upset if he got hurt… That’s what you told me anyway.”

Justin then agreed he remembers that now and stated that Jimmy made a lot of enemies. I noted I was glad I never saw the really negative behavior or I probably wouldn’t be friends with him now.

“So, did you actively have a crush on him while we were dating?”


“An accusatory question, I know. Obviously it’s no big deal now.”

“Ummm…” I started. “I remember meeting him before dating you and really liking him… But while we were dating I was soooo in love, I wouldn’t call it an “active” crush. I did continue to find him attractive, however.”

“I guess that’s permissible… 😉 ” Justin replied.

Phew, That’s a relief!

“…he really seems to be a much better person these days, FYI. Of course what do I know apparently?”

I had already pointed out my penchant for being friends with trouble maker boys – while they are nice to me and I don’t see their bad side.

“But from what I see on FB… He’s a much better person these days… and now I apparently feel the need to justify still being friends with him! GEEZ.”

“Are you going to make me promise again not to fight him?”

“Haha, do I need to?”

“Did you show this post to “Jimmy”?”


No, Justin, I have not.

Justin convinced me I should let Jimmy know about the post. I do try to hold myself to a standard and honestly inform people when I write about them… if I can.

But… God, how embarrassing!

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