Jimmy, Justin, memories

Jimmy (part 3)

I woke up at 3:30 AM this morning. That’s when the previous conversation with Justin happened. When I still couldn’t sleep, I wrote the post about it.

Then, a little bit before 7 AM, I sent the links to Jimmy so he could read them… and read them he did. Silly me, I had mostly been hesitant about saying I had a crush for my own personal self preservation (in terms of keeping the personal embarrassment to a minimum.)

Instead, he was surprised at how he was perceived in High School. He revealed that he himself was being bullied and his thug-like persona was a front, an effort to cover his true personality. He struggled to fit in. He also did recognize that he made some poor decisions and realized he maybe owes some people apologies.

Awwww, Hun. You’re breaking my heart over here.

I personally never saw him as a bully – since I never saw those actions for myself. I’m sorry I hadn’t realized he was struggling so much. I also didn’t realize all the trouble he was really in until I tried calling him one day and his mom informed me he had been sent to Juvenile Hall. She gave me his mailing address and I wrote him a time or two before I left the country… But I didn’t hear back. I wasn’t sure if he even got those letters.

“I liked you, Jimmy. Always have.” I told him. “Now I wish I could have been a better friend to you back then.”

“Don’t be sorry. You were a terrific friend. I, however, did not recognize who my friends really were.”

I’m glad he thinks so. Besides the whole crush on him thing… I really wanted to be his friend. Sometimes I wasn’t so sure he didn’t think my efforts were weird or something. I felt awkward a lot in those kind of situations – ones where I really wanted to be friends with someone, but didn’t quite know where I stood in their books.

He then thanked me for being his friend and for caring about him.

You are most welcome, Jimmy. I want you to know that I am proud of how you’ve turned out (though I know I had no hand in that). You are a good guy too. You’re a hard worker. You have a wife and kids that adore you.You are obviously a good daddy. …and while I’m throwing compliments your way… You are still just as good looking as you were at 16 😉

Serious y’all. This guy doesn’t age.

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