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Sansa Stark is my Spirit Animal

I’ve been a bit behind on Game of Thrones, so I sat down yesterday and caught myself up. I must say that Sansa Stark has the worst possible luck with men and now I feel like I have no room to complain about any of my past negative relationships. Damn Girl.

I’ve liked Sansa from the beginning, I know a lot of people would disagree (my husband thinks I’m weird for liking her), but I’m rooting for her. You can rise above, girlfriend!!

Basically, all I need to happen to make me happy is for Sansa and Daenerys to join forces and take over the world. I am fully aware that this is an unlikely scenario – but I love them girls. They’ve both had tough pasts and they are both surviving…. and, well, Sansa still has it tough… but she’s also still surviving and doing so as gracefully as one can in her situation.

I know, I know… like my husband has said to me before: she was a real bitch in season one and because of her actions, her father wound up dead. My husband seems to forget that she was just a young teen at the time and she was smitten with a handsome prince – and she acted like any young girl would act in the face of losing her “love.” How was she to know what a royal ass (excuse the pun) Joffrey was?

She found out soon enough.

Hasn’t this girl endured enough already? I am fully aware that this is not how it works in Mr Martin’s universe… But I still have hopes that one of these days, Sansa will rise up and conquer …and be happy.


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