Hur Rae blev smittad med Klamydia (or “Boys have Cooties”)

In previous posts I have mentioned briefly that when I was a young adult, I was stricken with Chlamydia. You can see these references here, here, and here.

Maja thinks it is funny to no end that I acquired this affliction and still periodically teases me about it to this day. Svea suggested I write about it because it would be the next step up juiciness-wise after what I wrote about Timmy. I was a little hesitant to post about it so soon after those posts since that was kind of in-your-face. Yet, I then thought that it might be shocking to lull you into a false sense of security and then one day you check your reader or email and BAM! Chlamydia!

Hahaha. So anyway, here goes nothin’

It was late 2001 or early 2002 when I went to Kungsholmens’ school nurse complaining of an off-feeling tummy. (Maja seems to remember I had some other symptom(s) but I don’t recall them.)

The nurse said that it could be nothing of consequence, but advised a trip to Ungdomsmottagning anyway. UM was the free youth clinic, so I made my way over there. I didn’t suspect much about what my troubles might be.

I sat in the waiting room flipping through various brochures and magazines, avoiding eye contact with any other youth there. We were in Sweden after all. I did notice  couple sitting together – I wondered if it was merely a support situation or the more likely scenario of coming for pregnancy/STD testing.

My mind had started wandering when the nurse came into the room and called out “Rakel!”

I didn’t react initially, so she looked around at the few girls in the room and repeated “Rakel…Jansson?”

It suddenly dawned on me. Duh. She was pronouncing my name in Swedish.

“Oj, det är Jag,” I said as I got up. “Förlåt mig,” I mumbled an embarrassed apology and followed her out.

During this appointment it was revealed to me that I had Klamydia / Chlamydia (I still tend towards spelling it in Swedish as that is how I was introduced to this particular condition. So please forgive if I flip back and forth.)

They told me it was a pretty bad case and that I had also likely had it for quite a long time. They also told me that, if left untreated, Klamydia can turn you sterile. To be honest, it took me 6 years of actively trying to get pregnant once I was married. I was so scared that  it was because of this history. The doctor at the time did a bunch of tests and couldn’t find anything… but wanted to schedule another test that had to be done at certain times in a cycle – and I never got around to it. Maybe it was always bad timing, maybe it was fear of finding out my issues were based out of my teen mistakes. I don’t know… but I never did that test.

It was a requirement to report all exposed parties to the government so I had to provide as much personal identifying info as I could about my partners.

I was so sure it would have been from Sven, as he was the only one I had sex with without protection. The nurse told me, regardless, all partners for at least the previous year should be notified and documented.

The only other partner during this time frame would have been Timmy, of whom was before Sven and I started up. Prior to that was Viktor – of which we were our mutual firsts, not withstanding the consistant use of condoms in our relationship. So I was definite that it was not from him. Svea agrees even now, Viktor was her friend and he would not have been the kind to lie about being a virgin.

I called Sven first, intending that that would be the only necessary call. He got tested and called me back with the results – they were negative. He also explained how painful the test was for guys back then. Not sure if they still do it the same way, I hear all you need is a urine sample now (so guys, don’t let my statement put you off of getting tested!) I felt a *little* bad for him. Either way, I was taken aback that Sven didn’t have it.

Shit. I’d have to deal with Timmy again.

The condom must have broken or something. Shitty “cherry” flavored piece of shit.

That boy gave me cooties…

After I had hooked up with Timmy and left his flat in the morning; he had texted me that day telling me to avoid contact with him because he was now “back with” his girlfriend. The guy didn’t want to get caught, it seems.

Regardless of this last communication, I was required to contact him if I was able. I tried calling him anyway. He ignored my calls. I couldn’t even leave a voice mail.

Rat Bastard.

The only other thing I could think of was to call either Patrik or Ronnie (for some reason I also still had their numbers in my phone… Don’t ask why. I can’t tell you.)

I can’t remember who I got a hold of, but whoever it was (I’m leaning towards Ronnie) had no issue handing over his mother’s phone number.

That’s right, friends. I called Timmy’s mum and told her that her son needed to be tested for Chlamydia. She assured me she would pass the info along to him. This was good enough for the Ungdomsmottagning nurse.

In the meantime my “BFFs” had a large time making fun of me for catching it.

“Why?! Why am I the one to have this? If any of us were to get this – I would have expected Maja to get it first!”

Maja was a little offended, naturally… so she called me a Hussy.

To be fair – at the time she was putting up a front that she was slutty and a party animal. A classy slut, but a very active one. With that kind of persona, why wouldn’t one expect that over someone who had less partners than what she claimed to have?

When I was done with the meds, I had to go back and get retested. I ran in on a late Friday afternoon so this time I had to wait a couple of days for the results. When the results came in, I was out shopping with a couple of friends. My mobile rang and on the other end was the nurse saying that I still had it. She said my case had gone undetected for so long and had gotten so bad that the usual med pack wasn’t sufficient. She told me to come back ASAP to get more.

I hurried over to the UM to pick up the new meds. Grossed out even more that Timmy’s germs were still on me. Luckily, a week or two later – when I got tested for a third time – I came out clean.



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