Sansa Stark

I’m a Sansa double

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Sansa Stark is my Spirit animal… just now I took a quiz off of Variety to determine which GOT character I would be …when “Sansa Stark” popped up I was like “Heck Yeah!” 🙂 I also want to assure you before we go any further that this process was all very scientific. Haha.  Anyway, it said:

“People tend to think you’re a pushover, but your soft exterior hides a steely resolve. First and foremost, you’re a survivor, and while others may try to take advantage of you, they’ll get what they deserve in the end. After all, the North remembers.”

It always amazes me when these silly internet quizzes happen to hit something like that spot on. It’s like… How does it know? Ever so slightly creepy that my laptop/the internet/the computerized overlord can read me like a book.

…However; the quiz I took just moments before stated that my GOT Husband would be Rob Stark.



Excuuuuuse meee… We are not *ugh* Lannisters.


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