My new profession?? …and other junk

Morning Sunshines!

No, I still haven’t written about Calle… getting to it… I swear. In the meantime I have a whole bunch of random stuff to throw at you.

Can I do it in a list?? That seems so not-good writing form… and yet so… so… Blog.

LOL. Oh well, once in a blue moon won’t hurt…

One: So a friend of mine asked me to record a song with him. He plays guitar and has a little Jazz Fusion duo that he performs in… and has posted several videos of himself playing while other girls sing. Watched him do a jazz set a month or so ago at a local café and he’s actually quite good. At first I was kind of pushing the idea off because I’ve never felt super comfortable singing in front of people… except once when I had a solo in a play in 9th grade… I guess I didn’t get booed off stage… But he saw a video of me singing to my daughter and said he thought I was good. I told him I’d think about it. …So I thought about it and then told him yesterday I’d do it if he commits to a duet (so I’m not singing all alone, eek!) and he agreed. So. Let’s hope I don’t make a complete fool of myself. Here he is on youtube, playing for his Jazz duo:

Two: Made a connection with a new blogger yesterday. He seems to be a good writer and I think his blog will turn out to be an interesting one… and judging by this post: (…sorry hyperlink thingy is acting up on me :/ ), I think he would love to find that some of you have visited his page and/or followed him 🙂

Three: Shoot. I forgot my number three.

Four: I got back in touch with someone I haven’t seen for ages! He is the younger brother of two other friends I have kept in contact with… but they were slightly older than me when I met them and he was slightly younger. We still had a class together in Ethiopia (we were the only two white kids in the drama class that year… the year before I was the lone one.) So anyway, he is only a year or two younger than me, but having met him at that time when a year can really make a difference I kinda always saw him as a kid. A cool, good looking kid… but baby brother material all the same. After I left Ethiopia, I ran into his sisters briefly in Sweden when I first go there, but they were just visiting the homeland and then left. On the first day of my senior year, I walked into school and he was standing there in the foyer for his first day at Gymnasium. He would have been, what? 16 that year? Still baby brother material, but definitely growing. I recall Svea and me teasing him that he was going to be a heartbreaker. Anyway… haven’t seen him since I graduated Gymnasium, though maybe had a couple brief FB run ins years ago – or maybe I just saw a pic or two on one of his sister’s pages, I don’t recall. But now. OMG, can I just say how WEIRD it is to see him a full grown man, just standing there… being… grown… and he even has a baby nowadays. I know he’s only that small bit younger than me, so it shouldn’t be a shock… but dude. He’s like 30 (or 31??) now.

Aaand… Five: Yaay! The Volunteer Organization I work with (the one that I am the Superintendent of their Cadet program) is sending me to Darwin in November for two weeks to get a Trainer’s and Assessor’s Certification. So exciting. Not only have I been wanting to do this nationally recognized certification for like 2 years (and it is kind of expensive to have to pay for it myself), but I also live in a podunk town… which I am perfectly fine with… but …there’s shopping in Darwin. There’s museums and stuff in Darwin. There’s also peace and quiet and alone time for Mummy 😉 So very exciting!

…Also, they published my “Why I Volunteer” post in their newletter last week 😉



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