Mad Men and shit

I have been ill the past few days. Really it’s been on and off for a few weeks… but the past couple days I have called out for a day and a half so far and have just notified work that I won’t be in tomorrow as well. So why haven’t I written a blog post till now? You ask. Maybe you think, “Hun, you had ALL weekend, Monday, and Tuesday afternoon and you’re only just writing something (subpar) now??”

Well, to be honest: I just couldn’t be bothered. Being ill does that to you sometimes. I just want to lay on the couch and not be bothered. Mostly I’ve been watching Tyler Oakley videos on youtube. If you ever need a good giggle or something to bring you out of a low mood – try Tyler. He just brings a smile to my face, I enjoy him.

Also I’ve caught up with my Game of Thrones episodes – which had been somewhat spoiled for me already, but still worth it to see for myself (lets all take a moment to mourn the death of Rae’s-eye-candy) – and then I started on Mad Men. I’ve always liked Mad Men episodes, but never got a chance to actually sit and follow along with the story line. All the episodes I had seen were random and there was always some back story I didn’t have for the episode’s events. So now I have gotten four of the seasons and I am watching through from the beginning. See? I can be productive while I’m ill! 🙂

I tell you what though – if sunny days in the car with hot beats don’t make me want to smoke (as I explained in this post here), then watching Mad Men sure does. Lord have mercy, I want a cigarette. And…Make it a Lucky Strikes.


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