The Fight

Check it out! I’ve been published on Stories That Must Not Die again!! 🙂 watch out for another one scheduled for Thursday 🙂

Stories that Must Not Die

The Stories That Must Not Die crew is once again honored to present a story from Rae of I Will Not Live in Vain.  A follow-up piece involving the same people will be posted on Thursday.  Please take a few minutes and read through her harrowing experiences, and then lend her some encouragement and support in the comments.

**Warning: This post uses explicit language**

Dane knew that something had happened between David and I, but he didn’t know the particulars. I also hadn’t told him that since that night I had received four or five calls from him, randomly in the past few weeks. Random in time and day, but consistent in the fact that he was drunk each time.

On those occasions David would lament about what happened and tell me “You’re married, Rae – we can’t be together… you’re married!”

The first time I agreed and…

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