3 head wounds and a crushed limb later…

Me in scenario #2

Today I got to participate in some awesomeness! I got to be a casualty for the Australasian Road Rescue competitions that are currently being held in my town. Unfortunately I could only fit one day out of the three into my schedule… but it was so worth it.

I was put into the “Controlled” scenario set in which two people (same partner all day) per accident and we all had primarily head wounds, neck pain, and crushed or trapped limbs. Every single accident involved window smashing and jaws of life to be rescued. It. Was. Awesome.

The first scenario my partner and I did was to be placed in a car that had been crushed in the roof by a pole and also had a beam through the windshield that landed between my legs. He was in the drivers seat (so, of course, the “accident” was his fault! …he said it was my “directions” and “back seat driving” that caused it all lol) The roof was crushed low enough I could only see his hand and then all the doors were either crushed in, or locked and the handles hammered off once we were inside.

The team that rescued us was Hong Kong. It honestly felt like I was in an Asian drama… them shouting in Mandarin with the occasional “Don’t worry Madam, we help you!”

It was easy to feign fear and being startled by the loud noises and movements of the car in this scenario because it was just so dang lifelike sitting in that small crushed interior with a beam resting between my legs and glass shattering around me.

head injury 1
My injury from scenario #1

My partner was cut out of his door, but they were unable to get my door undone and I had a head and neck injury… so they cut open the back door, laid my seat back, put a makeshift harness under my arms and pulled me out onto a scoop/spinal board. Ouch. Actually that hurt… buuuut… like I said. It. Was. Awesome!

The car (red) after Hong Kong was done with it.

Scenario number two saw us in a roll over with my leg crushed under the roof, and my unrestrained partner trapped inside, thrown back into the back seat area, but lying on the roof. They put a fake leg under the car and then attached it at my knee and placed my real leg in through the window. My brief paper had said they’d put me on the passenger side… so after we were placed in our positions I told my partner it was obviously his fault again. He laughed and said hell no, I was on the driver’s side (hard to tell for sure since they utilized both right and left hand drive vehicles). He informed me my foot was up against the steering wheel, so I responded “Awww, SHIT, ” before I remembered my mike was on in the adjudicator’s ear.

Once the team came out (Australia – New South Wales) I started yelling for help.

“Help me! My leg! Agggh! ….Mitch! Where’s Mitch?! Is he okay?!”

“Ma’am, we’re here to help… there are two of you?”

“Yes, Mitch! He was in the car with me! Where is he?!”

“Hey, there’s two of them! Check the vehicle!” He called out to his team.

“Ahhhhoowowowow!” I yelped when he assessed my leg. They put a collar on me, just in case.

“Can you tell me what your name is?” The firefighter asked me.

“Emma… My name is Emma.”

“Emma, lovely… and who is Mitch?”

“He’s my boyfriend… is… is he okay?”

“We’re checking on him right now, Emma.”

Mitch in the car

Before long they had lifted the vehicle off “my leg” and pulled me from the wreckage on a spinal board and set me to the side where one firefighter was assessing me and splinting my real leg. “Can you tell me what happened to you, Emma?”

“Something just… Something jumped out into the road… I swerved… I lost control and flipped.. and… Oh my God, what did I do?! Where is Mitch?”

“How old are you, Emma?”

“Thirty… I… I’m thirty.”

I heard a noise. “Mitch!” I yelled out.

I heard the windows being smashed and the jaws of life start up… but couldn’t see anything from where I was laying.

“What’s that noise? What’s happening to Mitch? Is he OKAY?!”

The firefighter looked me in the eye and said “They’re helping him get out of the car right now, but my main concern is you. Please let me focus on you.”

Needless to say, both Mitch and I survived.

Our 3rd and final scenario of the day involved me being trapped in a car, and him with the crushed limb again… as he was under a motorcycle with his leg stuck between the motorcycle and the bumper of the car. Oh, did I mention that all of these scenarios were based off of real life accidents?

Getting started on scenario #3

My friend was in the other controlled pair that alternated with myself and Mitch. Twice she got to climb into a vehicle that was on it’s side by getting on top and lowering herself into the bottom side where her “arm” was trapped under the vehicle and her unrestrained partner had theoretically fallen on top of her. I’m a tad jealous… and yet… maybe I’m good with not doing that 😉

Her scenario #2
She’s waving at me as they set up for her scenario #3

8 thoughts on “3 head wounds and a crushed limb later…”

    1. Yes, most of the teams were just Firemen – but a few had medics or doctor’s included. The team that competed on my last scenario was the NT Emergency Service which is a Volunteer organization. All depends on what makes up their rescue teams from where ever they are from, from my understanding. Most of them being Firefighters though 🙂

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  1. Sounds like fun.

    I saw a motorcycle accident today where the bike was under one of the cars and the biker was about 10 feet away lying in a crazy position. He started moving and they tried to hold him down. Emergency wasn’t there yet and I saw a total of 2 totally smashed apart cars one of which the motorcycle was under.

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