Greetings Proud Sons of Rome

Greetings Proud Sons of Rome!

…Errr… Sorry… Been watching too much of “The Golden One” on youtube lately. The Golden One, also known as “Latsbrah” is a Swedish hulk of a man that primarily does vlogs as motivational tools within the body building community.

Why the hell would I be watching such a vlog, you ask? Thank you for the interruption – I was about to explain…

The Golden One (I’ll use TGO for short from now on) also does several videos in which he discusses his philosophies and opinions on various things. I find him interesting and his opinions/arguments seem well thought out. Whether one agrees with his stances or not, he has a good head on his shoulders and seems to be very knowledgeable in history and politics, without being emotional – which I appreciate in a person.

I was a tad disappointed last night to discover that he identifies as a Sweden Democrat, which for the non-Swedish followers: let me explain that the use of “democrat” here is not the same as the US version of “democrat.” It is not a liberal party. I myself do not consider myself a “liberal” so that is not even the issue. The problem with the Sweden Democrat party is a long history in which they had been barred from the Rikstag for their stances on immigration and homosexuality – often being deemed racist and homophobic, often set akin to neo-nazis.

At least he said he does not agree 100% with the party, which who really does stand 100% behind their chosen party? And it is obvious through his other videos that while he wants “Sweden to be Swedish” he does not have what I’d call racist or homophobic opinions. Either way, I am not someone that would stop watching him just because of the political party he aligns himself with…. And on another hand I am not entirely surprised that he’d be a Sweden Democrat as he has discussed his Traditionalism and Nationalism many times before. He also identifies as a Nordic Pagan and teaches off of the teachings of Thor and Odin.

Honestly, I find it refreshing to find someone that has these opinions and doesn’t feel the need to back down or cloak them for fear of public opinion. Whether one agrees with another is irrelevant as long as the discussion can be had in a respectful manner, in my opinion.

I also find it refreshing that he is one of the oldschool “Alphas” that figures a man should protect his “fair maiden.” Who even talks like that anymore, let alone… a large subset of males that wouldn’t stand up for their girlfriends in public anymore. I dunno. Maybe it’s nice because it sounds more romantical than the usual nowadays.

Last night my husband walked past behind me while I was watching TGO, in one of the videos he happened to be shirtless in. I had my earphones in, so husband couldn’t hear the video while he was trying to watch one of his action movies… so he couldn’t hear what the vlog was about (it was a motivational video about resisting temptation – I am trying to better myself and workout/lose weight.)

A moment later he commented about not wanting to disturb me while I’m “checking out pecs.” I tried to explain a bit about why I watch TGO and it wasn’t just about his muscle mass. Husband smirked at me and didn’t seem to believe me, but moved on.

A moment later I started watching his vlog called “Carbs to Get Massive. Carbs are Glorious.” It was one of his sillier ones, bringing his teddy bear into the conversation… but near the end he segued from talking about carbs and said “Now I am going to do some narcissistic posing, cuz that’s what I do. Fuah – look at that; do I look like a Lion? That is, uh, Glorious.”

I immediately started laughing – trying to hold it in so my husband wouldn’t ask what I was laughing about… I didn’t want to have to admit that even TGO knows he does narcissistic posing for the camera. It would be harder to deny any attraction to his upper body.

I used my laptop to hide my face and I pinched my nose in an effort to stop the rapid inhaling and exhaling happening as a result of the laughing. Tears were running down my face. Too late, he noticed.

I have no credibility with my husband anymore when I say I watch The Golden One ONLY for his opinion videos.

“And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell… XOXO – BOOM.”

(Post Script note: I am not in favor of Sweden Democrats at all, I haven’t watched all of his videos and cannot honestly say I know all the particulars of his stance – I just think he articulates well and I find other political sides interesting to listen to when presented well.)


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