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A Pleasant Surprise

I had been considering telling my husband about the new manuscript. No, well – I knew I needed to tell him, but I needed to consider HOW to tell him.

He had not been happy about my last book – he still doesn’t want his friends and family to know about that book because it mentions David in it, among other things. When he read it initially he read a lot into our relationship by comparing what I wrote about certain people/didn’t write about him. Even now he won’t read my blog.

Needless to say, I was nervous to tell him that I had written a new manuscript – but it is in it’s final editing stages now so I knew I’d have to tell him. I told him last night, explained a bit about it (for those of you that need a catch-up: my new book is called “That Boy Gave Me Cooties” and is all about the men in my life… the stories of all the relationships and other people I dated, etc.) and YES, I told him it contained sex with exes and that he didn’t have to feel the need to read it if he didn’t want to – I just wanted him to know and won’t hide it from him if he does wish to read it.

He thought about it for a few minutes and said he wanted to read it. I emailed him the file; not expecting that he’d read it right then and there, but apparently he did.

When he told me he read it and we “need to talk,” I thought Oooh noooo…. I was sure he must have hated it. I was sure we were about to have a fight.

Turns out he didn’t hate it, rather he wanted to hug me, tell me he loved me and that he never knew so much about me before. He said he regrets not knowing me better, he said he didn’t know any of what I went through before I met him (except for a very basic knowledge of Wyatt that he learned last year obviously), and that he was sorry.

He wants to hang out more and talk more… he says he has grown jealous of my friends because they know a different side to me than he does. He seemed really glad I shared it with him.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise… My husband read my new book and doesn’t want a divorce!

Emma FTW!!!!

4 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise”

    1. I’d say so 🙂 He can be kinda cute when he wants to be too 😉 It’s taken us a long time (married over 12 years now) but we have made some major strides in our marriage in the past year or so.


  1. This is so sweet!!! I’m always afraid to let people I know read my non fiction, but this gave me hope that maybe one day I’ll find someone to have a similar experience with. Great writing! This was a nice little post to boost my day.

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