Help an Author Out

11892038_408159229380806_9191722993348904835_nWhen I released my last book in January and put it on a free download promotion I requested just a review in return… There were a lot of downloads (at least 76 just from that promotion), but even now Amazon still has no reviews for “I Will Not Live in Vain.” I have gotten several good reviews through emails, private messages, etc – but even when I ask them to relay it back onto Amazon, it still doesn’t happen.

Please, y’all, now that I have a new title available, pleeeeaaase leave reviews (hopefully good ones!) after you read it! Pleeeaaassseee… don’t make me beg… any more pitifully than I already am anyway!

Also, feel free to share the links with your friends to get “That Boy Gave Me Cooties” – Available in paperback and kindle.

THANK YOU (with cherries on top and all of that) IN ADVANCE!



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