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Those Youth…

Okay, okay… I’ve been posting a lot of videos the past few days. I’ve gotten it out of my system… for now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming 🙂

A while back I mentioned that my friend, Gino, wanted to record a song with me. It’s been taking so long to get around to it mostly because of coordinating schedules… Well… Now…. We have finally scheduled a time. It’ll be Friday this week… and now he says he wants to do more than one song… eek!

Basically, if you hear nothing else about this over the weekend, you’ll know it turned out TERRIBLE.

…If any of it turns out well, you’ll be treated to more youtube videos 😉


In other news, the child that said she had suicidal thoughts and told my divisional officer (who then had it escalated to me) a few weeks ago saw him again for the first time since then last night.

She got snotty with him, sarcastically saying “THANKS for telling Rae! Now because of you I have to see my school counsellor every week!”

“Well, is it helping at all?” He asked her.

“Well… Yeah… but it’s not like I actually had suicidal thoughts…”

He gave her a blank stare.

Whether she really did and is just denying it now or was seeking attention and sympathy – the fact was she said those words. She said “Suicidal Thoughts.” Those words came out of your mouth, if you really didn’t have them and were just seeking attention – then, well, you’ve got the attention you wanted.

If you are just trying to deny it now, then you are getting the help you need.

When he relayed to me what happened, he said regardless of what she claims now – if she said it again, he would still act the same and escalate the situation. Safety is paramount and we are legally obligated to take such issues seriously.

On that note, I have been working with these youth for two years now. Over the past couple of weeks I have had a couple of them tell me some personal life stuff they’ve never mentioned before. Obviously I won’t detail them here – but wow. I’ve been steadily trying to build relationships with some of them, trying to build their trust and give them a safe place. Some of them are because I’ve heard generalizations about their personal life and I wasn’t sure if they might need someone like me. Some I know/knew no real info about them outside of our organization – but I’ve acted out of a gut feeling.

One told me some personal info about their past recently – saying it as if I already knew. Assuming I had heard the details before. OMG. I was like… I want to know more now, clarifications at least… but I don’t want to pepper this cadet with questions. I’ll bide my time and eventually maybe I’ll get the whole story.

Another confirmed some suspicions out of the blue…. just laid it out for me. I knew there was a reason I needed to be this cadet’s friend. Oh, hun… I’m here if you need me.


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