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Please… Don’t [Commit Suicide]

I got an email today from a lady that requested that I share a video of her daughter on my blog. At first I wasn’t sure if it could possibly be spam, maybe it is, but I decided that it was a heartfelt written email. Noting the content it seemed appropriate that she had chosen my blog to contact.

This email stated that her daughter had committed suicide and she wanted to spread this video of her daughter singing for a few reasons. These reasons being to bring about more awareness about suicide, for people to contemplate the devastation they’d leave behind, to have people hear her daughter sing… and most importantly to realize that they too matter.

Unfortunately, the video link took me to a FB error page. Who knows, maybe it was spam that had been reported to FB already. Maybe I just didn’t have the access to see it. But that part hardly matters – the message in this email was sound.

Thank you so much for your help in the endeavor to eradicate suicide and offer some sense of peace to those of us left behind. Thank you from my heart.”

Maybe writing this here will only reach some of my more regular readers, but who knows? Maybe it will reach out further and find a random single soul that needs to see this message:

Please… Don’t.

Please, just… don’t. I know how you feel – I’ve been there before. It would be so much easier to just not exist. It would be so much easier to not have to deal with your feelings or lack thereof. I know. I know.

It may not seem like it now, but it can get better. It can always get better… and it may not seem like it, but there will always be someone that will be heartbroken when you are gone. Those who haven’t gone through it don’t understand what you’re thinking or feeling. All they’ll know is you are gone and they will feel their heart break in two. This is something that will stick with them the rest of their lives.

If you’ve found yourself at this point – you know which point I’m talking about – please get help. Please reach out to someone even if all you need is someone to sit with you at night. Not everybody will know the right things to say and do. Don’t hold that against them. Don’t use their mistakes as a reason to not hold on.

Please… Just Please… Don’t.

12 thoughts on “Please… Don’t [Commit Suicide]”

  1. I feel like you are talking to me today. I am extremely depressed and suicidal, but I promised my family and friends I would not try it again. I was lucky the first time. I may not be this time as I know I needed a lot more pills to make a difference. Here I am trying to help others and today I want my life to end. I can’t take this. I have already talked to part of my family. I will go to the hospital before taking the easy way out again.


  2. Yes, Tessa – Please do go to the Hospital. I know sometimes the hospital staff don’t always really understand how to speak to someone in your situation – but don’t let that dissuade you from accepting their help.
    There is always hope, no matter how far away it feels.
    Please, please, go to the hospital.


  3. Tessa, this world needs you in it. Yes you! I know things are oh so hard right now and life feels too much but you are loved and wanted and your life is worth fighting for. Please call for help! Please. Go to the hospital or call someone that you know will be there for you. Th s email the round be lost without you. Please come back and let us know you are still here.

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    1. Sarah, thank you for the pep talk. I am still here and feeling a little better. I don’t want to end it all right now. I am calming down. I have family I can go to and a daughter who is a nurse and took me to the hospital the last time. I will be alright.

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      1. I’m so glad Tessa. Thank you for letting me know. Call your daughter if you need to and know that people all over the world care about you x

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  4. Tessa, I am the mother that wrote to the author of this blog to please post my video. Please know that you are needed here…Just think of the people you have helped just by reaching out to this blog and telling your story…someone else will see that their feelings happen to others too…we all have those feelings, some worse than others..which shows how brave you are! If you do not already have it…this is the life line phone number. They do not judge, they do listen though and they know what to say to help. Please reach out…1-800-273-8255…..1-800-273-talk. Love and Peace to you honey…..Hanahs mom….

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    1. Thank you for the kind reply Kym. Everybody I am ok. My moods have switched again and now I am manic. I guess my meds aren’t working right now. I hope this doesn’t mean searching for a new cocktail. Thank you all and I am sorry for worrying everybody.

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  5. When I was in my 40’s I tried to kill myself. I was in an abusive marriage for 18 very long years and the abuse just kept getting worse. I saw no way out and I just wanted it to end. I had a friend online and we would talk pretty much all night because I refused to sleep while my husband was in the house. The relationship with my friend platonic but he always seemed to know even from 1000 miles away when something was wrong. The day I cut my wrist in my computer room he kept messaging me and for sEveral minutes I ignored him. I don’t know why but I eventually told him I was fine. He told me to stop lying he knew better so I told him what I did and told me if I was going to die I owed him one more chat. I stopped the bleeding with pressure. He then spent the next three how begging, demanding, guilting me and finally he told me that I was selfish and at first it angered me, but then he explained the pain and damage I wiuld be doing to others and I remember telling him no one cared enough to hurt over me and then he said what about him didn’t I care if I caused him pain and I had to read several times because for the first time in years someone said I care about you and you truly matter so please don’t leave. I am including a poem I wrote the poem copyrighted by me and if anyone uses it you must give me credit and not claim it as your own it is a federal offense to fo so.

    With a razor to my wrist
    My heart being with a twist
    The blade sliding across my skin
    Blood red and sliver thin
    Tears flowing like icy rain
    Wanting only to stop the pain
    It was just a simple sound
    But in that moment brought me around
    Looking through fractured sight
    It was an angel I saw that night
    In order for him to reach his goal
    He extended his hand and touched my soul
    Then a promise he made me say
    That in this world I would stay

    I got the courage to leave my husband ,9 years ago and now live in Texas with the love of my life and three kitties. I am scarred in many ways but I now cherish my life!

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