Tell Your Stories

My friend posted a quote on FB for me yesterday. She said it reminded her of me and some of the stuff I’ve said recently about telling my stories.

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories.

If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better.”

I’ve said things about telling my stories so others can learn from my mistakes. I had noted an old friend who knew David said she liked my book… and with slight concern I asked her if she was still in touch with him in any capacity. She’s not and told me that he shouldn’t care about events from so long ago, and besides I was nice and concealed his identity. If she wrote a book she would protect the innocent, not the guilty. This Ann Lamont quote just seemed so fitting for me, and I love when people see something that reminds them of you and fits so well – it makes you realize that at least that one person has paid some attention to you in some way or another.

Speaking of my writing, I got an email from a friend in TN. She is an older lady, could easily be my mum. She and her husband were like parent figures to me – good friends and mentors when I lived there. They encouraged the writing of my first book and gave me tips on how to go about indie publishing since he had done it before.

When he published his he gave me a signed copy, so naturally I sent mine to them signed when it was released. After they read it he said something very quick and simple in an email saying that it was fun, but more information than they had every had about me in the capacity of our friendship.

…Or something to that effect.

Ummm… okaaay. My insecurity took over… was that an “I liked it” or an “I am freaked out that you published this info and I’m not sure I wanted to know that much,” oooor? I responded with something to the effect of “Well… it is a memoir… and it’s just… my life. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.”

No other specific communication about the book after that, so my insecurity was not alleviated.

Anyway, I got this email yesterday checking up on me and giving me some updates. I gave my updates, inserting a brief line about the second book – down playing it, not trying to promote it or anything.

She responded excitedly and asked where they can purchase a copy.



I mean, I don’t care about putting this info out into the world and all… but… I might feel a little awkward with them reading about my men which also include some about my sex life. Mostly just because of who they are and I feel like they may feel awkward and then I’ll feel weird if I think they are uncomfortable with it.

But of course I can’t tell them not to read it. So I sent her the link with a “Fair Warning” statement and told her I would not be offended if they decided they would be too uncomfortable to read it.

Who knows, of course? Maybe I’m just insecure overall and it will be fine and they will love it and tell all their friends to buy it. Ha ha. ….After all, Hubby actually appreciated this book… as have other friends that have already read it.

Anyway, that is enough musing for today. Check out my book “That Boy Gave Me Cooties” and pleasepleaseplease remember to do an amazon review! K? Thanx. 🙂


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    1. Thanks 🙂 I do aim for a conversational tone (I pretend the reader is sitting next to me on the couch while I’m telling them my stories) 🙂 if you like my blog enough, be sure to check out my books 🙂 Hope you thoroughly enjoy reading here 🙂

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