On the bright side

My day started off poorly, as the frustrating events were happening I thought “this’ll end up on my blog,” but you know what? I have since decided I didn’t want to dwell on what assholes people can be to others so I won’t bother bringing anyone else down with it too. I think we all know that people are just assholes sometimes. Some more than others.

My afternoon was much better. My son seemed to realize I was having a rough morning, so he gave me some snuggles. Then I picked my daughter up from her extra long ballet rehearsal and  dropped her and my son off at their friend’s house while I went over to Gino’s house to have the first go at singing with him. We just recorded one song… It was not entirely terrible 😉 But we agreed we need to pick five songs or so and dedicate some time to practice together before recording again. About half way through the track he distracted me by singing along off key – you can’t hear his voice on the track, but it caused me to go off key for a second and then you hear me snort with laughter…. definitely not a professional quality track 😛

Anyway, it was cool because he recorded tree different guitar tracks (bass included) for the recording and it sounded awesome. Very talented young man, that Gino.

After we played around with that for awhile, I accompanied him to his friend’s house where they jammed. They were doing some going away get together for someone – but I had to leave after about 45 minutes to pick up the kids.

I decided to take it easy and got myself Chinese for dinner and the kids got a pizza. Then, miracle or miracles, my daughter cleaned her room, the living room, and even straightened up her brother’s bookshelf.

So, I guess what I’m saying is… even with a shitty start and the frustration with asshole people, a day can turn out pretty good anyway.

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3 thoughts on “On the bright side”

  1. Isn’t a beautiful feeling when we realize we don’t have to dwell on the assholes of this world and sometimes even the smallest person can uplift us like no other. Even a daughter will sometimes go against their nature and do whatever they can do to help make a day better than it might of been otherwise. God bless and I happy for you that your day was made better.


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