The blogosphere tonight

I keep thinking that I want to write something… just something, but not sure what. A few things ran through my head. Perhaps I’d tell you about my Garfieldesque “I hate Mondays” Monday… but, eh. The annoyances I had to deal with today at the office would likely not interest you all.

I opened up wordpress with the full intention of sitting down to just start writing… Approximately four hours ago. Instead, I have spent the last four hours perusing through the reader. Browsing through various topics and the freshly pressed. I noted that if you click on “relationships” there is an awful lot of poetry. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.

I read about a lady that just attempted suicide. I read a post dedicated to women that can’t say “Abusive.” I read about being a writer, about debating if the victim of rape bears any responsibility for their victimization. I read about historical perspectives on women and violence, about everybody having stories, and about some generic mundane daily events. The majority of what I came across was pretty interesting if not downright fascinating. I read another one called “Dear Future Husband…” I tried to read that one anyway. Lord, those still annoy me. This one was particularly irritating with her grandiose word choices.

Anyway, I may not have much to write about today – but I’ve had more than enough to read. Unfortunately most of these were read through and quickly replaced by another blog with another post, so I can’t direct you to any particular ones I found the most interesting. Don’t let that stop you from exploring yourself today…. Even if you already have your inspiration to write.


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