Yaay! Thanks!

Since I wrote a post last night in which I ended with little more than begging for you all to write some reviews for “That Boy Gave Me Cooties,” I have since seen that there are now two whole 5-star reviews on Amazon for me! Eeeeeee! While I do still need several more to raise the visibility of my book – I am very happy with the first two reviews that have come my way.

I quoted them on my facebook page, partially because YAAY! and partially to gloat at, um… show the few church ladies that are still FB friends with me that my book has more merit than they gave it credit for based only off of the title. Who am I kidding, though, good sounding gossip doesn’t spread like scandalous gossip does. Even if all of the ones on my FB see it and read it, doesn’t mean that it will get back to some of the main perpetrators. Oh well, I still felt a little gleeful having that opportunity.

A fun and light hearted memoir! The author draws you in with honest (and sometimes heartbreaking) stories about her relationships, including all the ups and downs. It’s a great read for anyone wanting to remember first loves and special friends.

This was a fun and easy read about the author’s dating past. It’s an honest look at the good and bad experiences encountered growing up and navigating relationships. I especially liked the last chapter speculating on how the author’s life would be different had she stuck with and married any of the boyfriends.

To whoever wrote these reviews: thankyouthankyouthankyou – I am so glad you enjoyed my book and I really appreciate the kind reviews 🙂

After I posted on FB about these reviews, Jimmy commented that he can’t wait to read it. I sent him a free copy just Monday – I also sent Andre one. They are both excited to read it. I am anxiously awaiting them receiving it, reading it, and giving me a verdict. I sure hope they both like it too.


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