Writing Fiction

As you can see, I tend towards writing fact rather than fiction. It seems I am more comfortable with this genre nowadays – write what you know and all of that. I keep thinking I want to branch out and try some fictional short stories, then I think I might not have the imagination to make them any good.

But here’s the thing I remembered this morning, as I was talking with another author about the topic and his advice for such, that I used to write short fiction in High School and it always went over well. Usually it was done for a class, but I always got good feedback and excellent grades. Now I wonder what is holding me back.

I recall two projects specifically that I did in Year 3… In Year 3 I took both what would be equivalent to Honors English and Advanced English. In one class I had to write something – I don’t recall what the perimeters were exactly – but it turned out as a one act play. It was about a couple fighting and the unique factor to it was that they would suddenly stop fighting – one would freeze as the other would say what they really meant and express their frustration to the audience. I didn’t even finish it on time, but turned in the half finished play anyway.

The notes I got back from my teacher is that he really enjoyed it and that it was excellently done. I received a grade of “EX” (Excellent) and he noted that even though it was already graded, he hoped I’d still finish it.

In Year 3 we were also supposed to do a “Special Project” all year. The only rules were that it had to be a certain minimum length and that we had to do it in a subject that we had taken at some point at that school. I chose Advanced English since there was a lot more leeway for what could be done. Met up with my project adviser periodically throughout the year so she could guide as necessary. All in all, to be honest, I did about two week’s worth of work.

This project was titled “Urban” after the main character’s name. It was a short novel about a guy that had anger issues and was, erm, somewhat abusive or controlling. I wonder where I got that inspiration… Ha. Not that I thought directly about all that as I was writing it.

I ended up with an EX grade on that one too. My friends liked it too. It’s unfortunate I lost my files that had copies of these works. I was told back in 2002 that the school kept copies of the special projects… but it’s been so long I doubt they’d still have mine on file. I guess it doesn’t hurt to email and ask. If it was electronically filed I’d still have a hope.

So why am I being such a wuss about fiction now? I dunno… I guess I fell out of practice. Maybe my imagination dulled as I got older and dealt with more of life’s crap. At least that’s what it feels like sometimes. Until this last year I didn’t do much writing at all. Not sure why – it felt so good to start writing again. I always enjoyed it as a teen, but I moved out, dealt with life… Wrote only University papers, and just fell out of practice with fiction I guess.

So stay tuned. I might try my hand again at some fiction again. If I do post such, I will be sure to note what is fiction so as not to get it confused with my personal accounts.


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