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Just My Luck

A few months ago I went out drinking with a friend of mine. This time it was only us two, so we could delve more easily into personal conversations. We started talking about men we found attractive, we started showing each other pictures of exes to illustrate the conversation. Hers being all international in flavour – Latin and German.

We started to tell each other the stories behind the pictures; the stories of the relationships. I somehow ended up starting to tell her the story of David. I told her about the night the police came.

She looked at me dumbfounded.

“I have NEVER had a man speak to me that way before,” she said.

“Really?” I was dumbfounded myself. Not because she struck me as someone who would let a man treat her that way, but more so that I guess I’ve always assumed that we all meet at least one man like that in our life. I, myself, have had more than one man ‘speak to me like that.’

So I told her about the night David threatened me and my husband called his superiors.

She laughed in disbelief, “Wow. Wow… I have never had a man have the balls to speak to me that way before,” she said again.

I didn’t then go into detail about any of the others that I had similar experiences with. While it was nice she appreciated my story telling ability – she was apparently riveted. I was also then embarrassed to an extent that what I thought was normal may not have been normal at all.

I’m also finding now that my fiction follows along with the themes of my experiences. I mean, write what you know, hey? I find myself wondering if my readers think it’s normal or find it fascinating because they’ve never experienced such.

We each ordered another cocktail and I wondered what it is about her that’s so different. Is it her confidence? I used to have that… Is it the vibe she sends off so guys know not to fuck with her like that? I used to feel tough…

Is it just the luck of the draw? Depending on our lot we may never have a man abuse us or may be dealt varying degrees of it throughout our lives.

Just my luck I ran into David, I guess.



7 thoughts on “Just My Luck”

  1. Good question… Is it bad luck, is it the vibe you send out? Why would it be that? I guess we will never really find out why some seem to attract difficult people and others won’t… I hope though that you will find a guy that really deserves you and appreciates you.

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    1. Thanks – I have 🙂 David was in 2008 and any others are long past at this point 🙂 I did have an old HS male friend tell me last year that back in the day he got the vibe from me that I had been mistreated by men… I didn’t realize then I let out that vibe… thought I did a good job being tough and hiding that… but… yeah, I do think in my case maybe I just have a vibe of some sort… I dunno.

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