Last night I posted a Facebook Status about what music I might be in the mood for that night. The majority of my music based statuses are relatively humorous, most of the time. At least my friends think so. I said “Was debating whether it was gonna be a good ole country boy kinda night or a John Gallagher Jr kinda night… Nah, son, may turn out to be a Papa Roach kinda night … CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES THIS IS MY LAST RESORT dun dun dun… Do do do… (This is what its like in my head. ‪#‎dontjudge )”

Yet, by the end of the night I had reverted back to John Gallagher Jr. He always seems to win out in the end – especially if I’m spending my time on youtube. So before I went to bed I posted a video of him singing “Constance.” Besides some of his Broadway renditions, this is my favorite song of his and the lyrics just resonate with me so much. I could listen to it over and over. (I really wish I had the talent for writing music/lyrics…) …and it doesn’t hurt that he is freaking adorable. Come on People Magazine! This man needs to be your next sexiest man! 😉

“It doesn’t heal, no time… It does not heal.

When I sat down to write this, you were not even on my mind, but as it started racing, you wrote yourself in every line; and I kissed you with my eyes closed, and when I woke there was not a trace, of your nightmares that were untried, I’ll lend you mine to take their place; and I wish my tears could take blood, and haunt you as you sleep in bed; and swallow your entire room, until the stuff fills up your breath.

You’re a liar and a drunk, and so am I, I know it’s true. But the part that really scares me,  is it’s clear that I’m not over you. Not over you, not over you. It’s so clear I’m not over you. Not over you, not over you, why am I not over you?

I know you don’t care, no, I know you don’t care. but I wish you would care, I just wish you were there.”

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