And She Was Happy

The desert sun had made her car scorching hot inside, so she rolled her window down before turning the engine on and blasting the air conditioner.

She flicked open her cigarette case and pulled out a menthol; stuck it between her lips and lit it before backing out of her parking space. Cigarette still hanging from her lips, she turned on the radio as she started down the road. Some DJ chatter was happening, she wasn’t paying attention to what he said. She just liked the background noise.

She took one long drag before clasping the cigarette between her middle and ring fingers and bringing it back down to rest on the steering wheel.

The DJ stopped his chattering and music started playing.

“Hot Damn, that’s my jam!” She said to herself as she put the cigarette back in her mouth so she could reach over and turn the radio up.

“I kn-kn-know a girl- she gets what she wants all the time ’cause she’s fine…” Rob Thomas’ voice started to emanate from her speakers.

She started dancing in her seat, shoulders moving to the rhythm, head bopping… a smile spreading to her face. At the stop light she waited and tapped her foot along with the music as well.

She started singing along at the top of her lungs in between inhales of smoke and striking the steering wheel with her palms as if it was her drum “She’ll make you take her to the club, but then she leaves with her friends….. … late at the party cause the fun never ends…. …clothes are on the floor, and all your records are scratched… ….cause you can’t. Come. Back. Sayin’ yeah, and you want her, but she’s so mean…”

She threw her head back as she belted out the lyrics. The sun was shining, the cigarette was burning, the music was playing – and she was happy, at least for now, at least this once.

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