Artistic tendencies

The other night my husband and I were talking. He said something about how he used to like to draw but he had fallen out of practice over the years. He said it’s not like riding a bike… I don’t know about all that… I told him if he wanted to get back into it he could borrow some of my supplies. I don’t do it much either myself… but sometimes I just need a few days to decompress and just do some kind of art and get it out of my system every now and then.

I also told him that in my family, my dad was super artistic and talented in everything – he could act, paint, take gorgeous photographs. Out of the four daughters we were all artistic in some manner. Basically we all had talent in all of these area, with one area standing out the most individually. For instance; my strength was always drama. All of my sisters, including Finding Reverie, are better at drawing/painting than I am. Finding Reverie seems to have a bigger strength in photography than the others. Both of my other sisters have their strength in sketching and painting. I would like to have more time and inspiration to grow my talent… but then again… I really just miss the Theatre the most. Maybe one day when my kids are more grown…

All that being said – I’ve displayed mostly just some of my writing talents for you here on this blog. Perhaps now I will upload a handful of my art – mostly stuff I’ve done intermittently in the past decade to decompress. Unfortunately most everything from before 2005 was lost in Hurricane Katrina… As you can see, I adore Alphonse Mucha…

Alphonse Mucha study 2007
Alphonse Mucha study 2014
Alphonse Mucha study 2014
Alphonse Mucha study 2014
Idea taken from some old Christian Bale photo 2007
For my daughter
For my daughter’s room – Painting one of  three Beatrix Potter scenes   2009                                          
For my son
For my son’s room – transportation     2013

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