Sansa Stark

Yes, it’s me… Sansa Stark

Hey, remember when I said Sansa Stark was my spirit animal? Well, I decided if that was the case, I OBVIOUSLY had to dress as her for Halloween last night. Without the cape I may have slightly resembled Cersei a little more… but… shhhh…. 😉 It is Spring time in the desert for me so the cape was not practical for more than an hour or so, unfortunately. Sorry for the poor quality pictures… taken on my phone…




This one  is from somewhere in the middle of the big annual American adult block party I went to with my husband. My hairstyle was not staying around unfortunately – and my twitter reminds me that at this point I was in the bathroom listening to two guys on the other side of the door talk about motor boating someone and taking their wedding rings off…


And this is the hot mess I looked like at the end of the night after I had become thoroughly drunk and my hair completely fell apart… At the casino… just after I ran into someone from work…

IMG_20151031_220627Anyway, while the block party was arranged by someone different this year… and it wasn’t quite as, um… eventful… I still had fun. It’s rare that I get to go out and drink too much anymore. Though I have been trying to get out more this year – for my own sanity.

And ya know… I think my husband enjoys it when I drink and let loose more nowadays, especially when he gets to be involved 😉


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