Best Friends, Dane

I promise…

I got to speak to Dane for an hour and a half a couple of mornings ago. It was really good… I could tell him about what happened the other night. He didn’t really have much he could say, but he could listen and sympathize. That’s what BFFs are for anyway. I also finally garnered the courage to tell him I had become agnostic. His reaction wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, honestly.

He wasn’t disappointed, per se, so he said… but he felt bad regardless. He felt the need to try to counsel me on my “crisis of faith.” I wouldn’t expect anything less from him anyway. At least I don’t feel like he’s preaching at me. At least I feel like he’s actually concerned for me. At least I know he’s not repelled by the realization…. Unlike the feeling I get from several old church acquaintances… and he did seem somewhat comforted by the fact that I had told my husband the kids can still be raised Christian and I still wanted them to continue going to the Lutheran school.

We talked about a lot in that hour and a half that I won’t detail – but it was what I needed. I needed my best friend, I am so glad we finally had that rare overlap of free time in our busy schedules to actually really talk like the old days. So I am feeling a lot better.

At one point he said something about needing to stick together…

I know I can stick with you, Dane… I can’t promise that in regards to most other people; especially other church people, especially most other acquaintances… But I’ve stuck with you this long. We’ve made it through a lot. I’m sticking with you always. I promise.


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