I had a Tarot reading done the other day… The first one I’ve ever had. Mostly done for shits and giggles with a girlfriend… But the thing is… Wow. While some of the stuff seemed accurate as it was vague enough to cover a few different scenarios and therefore could appear accurate regardless… there were a few cards that were just like “wow.” I mean… Wow. How’d a pack of cards know that?

I’m not willing to jump forward and say I totally believe in the gypsy arts, but dude.

Two things that stood out to me enough that I still remember – a card representing my past denoted a difficult situation that was difficult to get out of. A card representing what other people see in me – this one could mean a couple things… Depression for one. The other meaning had something to do with a love triangle and a broken heart or some such thing.

Weirdly enough, earlier that day I had someone tell me they saw something in me that related to that. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate on that on this platform.

The Tarot reader also said, to my amusement and acknowledgement, “Another man, there’s a lot of men in your cards” Hahaha… yeah… That time it was in relation to a male figure I would need to go to for support or guidance in the near future if I remember correctly. I guess we’ll see if that comes true.

Maybe it was the wine and cigarettes, but I got a curious feeling during this reading. Like I said, I’m not willing to say I wholeheartedly believe in this… But she had some very insightful things to say. She seemed to have insights into me and my relationship that I thought were hidden well.

At one point she said she could “see it in [my] eyes.” …and you know, I believed that.


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