So much going on!

Today is my last day of work before heading to Darwin. I have a lot of catch up stuff to do – getting ready to handover to the lady that will be covering me while I’m gone, trying to get as much done as possible to leave her with not too many headaches. My boss also made a big announcement today that denotes a major change – it would be unprofessional of me to discuss here of course… but… o.0 Wow.

But yeah, overall good day just getting through this afternoon which I’m sure will drag on simply because of vacation looming… that will be a task!

I’m excited for all the plans I’ve made with friends that are either already living up there or will be coming along. Remember Vollie-Dan I showed a pic of a short while ago? (The one that was in some promo pics with me?) He’s coming too – Yay! Haha, he and I get on very well… we have many plans at this point already. Pedicures – he promised me I can take him for pedicures and that he’ll hold my shopping bags hahahaha. …Though he wouldn’t agree to pink toenails… “Purple with flowers” is his preference… so I may have to see if he’ll let me take pictures and post here for you. LOL No promises… buuut… he’s usually pretty game for stuff like that 😉

I’ll only be there for two weeks – but he gets to stay up there for four. Hopefully his pedicure will last so I can say I returned him to his girlfriend “safe and sound and prettier than when he left.” Haha – he said she’d appreciate that!!

Me n’ “Vollie-Dan”    
me n dan
Me n’ Vollie-Dan #2

Hmmm… “Vollie-Dan” is a bit of a mouthful, but I want to make sure he is differentiated from the other “Dan” I sometimes write about – Maybe “Dan #2” or something? LOL

I also found out yesterday that they will be providing me a vehicle as well while I am there – so that’ll save me some money too since I won’t have to rent. Yay! Plus it’ll make it easier to go do things we want to do on our downtime… He wants to go to the waterpark and military museum (I’ve been before but it is very good). We also have plans for the pub and Hunger Games premiere (midnight showing), and a few other things like that with people we know up there. Apparently we’re supposed to do an inter-divisional Bowling tournament as well… in addition to the awards night. Should be a fun filled couple of weeks!

Anyway – the whole point of this post is – Yay! I’m excited and trying very hard not to mentally check out for the rest of the afternoon 😉

I should have internet since I am bringing along a portable wifi… so hopefully I will have time in between classes and happy-fun-times to still get some posts out to you guys. We’ll see how that goes 😉

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