Mads Veslelia

So, I came across a new hip hop artist through facebook yesterday that I am now completely in love with. I would love for you all to check out his stuff and spread the word about him. It appears that he already has a good following in Norway – where he is from – but has yet to hit it truly big on the world wide scale… though he is obviously starting to be noticed everywhere else. He performs in English, with just a bit of Norwegian on the side in his videos which amuses me to no end.

He follows in the tradition of Eminem with some songs that are truly fun and silly, but also has some more heavy songs whose lyrics discuss his rough past with a drug addicted mother and abusive father, followed by a step-father later that also becomes an addict before being taken in by his grandmother at a young age. Even with the apparent nods to Eminem, there is an authentic-ness to him that cannot be denied.

One can see the influence Eminem has had on his style, but the music is all uniquely his. Hot damn, this guy is talented. He is also very attractive… if I were a few years younger boy… Haha. No but seriously check out those blue eyes. Reminds me of back in the day when Svea and I would discuss Olle’s “ice pussies” as he called them. Wow.

Mads can be found on youtube (some video links below), his website, twitter, and facebook. Seriously check him out, and share, you won’t regret it.

Here are just a few of his videos, but there are several more. Youtube. Seriously go. Now.


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