The Man at the Bar

Really enjoyed Scorpion Stings’ post from today.. Thought I’d share with you all 🙂

Scorpion Stings

You flash your ID to the doorman and in you go, dancing and sliding past the masses as you look for your friends. You anxiously search for them, head swiveling this way and that, doing your best to look cool and not make eye contact with anyone. A cool guy knows where his friends are, and if not, he waits until they find him, something you have yet to learn. You find them at a booth midway down the long corridor and deliver a wave of salutation and exhale a wave of relief.

You approach the little booth with wide open arms ready to great your pals, also displaying to the strangers you’ve found your mates and didn’t come here alone. You’re not a loser after all. You feel big now, and all that’s missing is a drink. You head to the bar and squeeze into an open spot next to a…

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