Darwin trip – part 1

Hey Y’all. It’s pretty late here and I gotsta sleep since I already have a couple of assessments to complete for my course tomorrow after two days of class… But thought I’d give a quick run down of my trip and share an adorbs video with you if I can…

Arrived on Sunday and didn’t do much past grocery shopping and dinner out…


Dan eating Sunday dinner at the Cas Club

But Dan (Vollie-Dan? Dan #2?) and I got seats next to each other on the flight and everything went smoothly.


Dan way off in the distance getting on the plane


Only slightly creepy… Dan I mean, not the movie 😛

I even have my service house to myself so I got the master bedroom again this year – YES! He’s in another service house with one other guy from our division. Oh yes, and on Sunday night we went to a late showing of “The Last Witch Hunter,” had too many calories and a great time.

Monday was first day of class for both of us – though we are taking different courses and we went out for Thai food at a relatively fancy-ish establishment.


This is what happens when I take him to “fancy-ish” places…

Today after class (and homework!) we went to visit a local youth division where this happened (OMG the last couple of seconds… 😉 ) :

Please note I could not figure out how to post the video without a url… so I had to make it a public post and that is my personal FB page. I’d appreciate it if no one mentions “blog” on there should you click the link – Thanks.

I’ll try to update a few times while I’m here so stay tuned 😉



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