“A Love Lesson”

I’ve been reading Tyler Oakley’s new book “Binge.” While I wish I had time to sit down an read it in one fell swoop – I can’t because of busy, but when I do I *ahem* Binge on it. While the book is much as a fan of Tyler would expect – lots of sex and shenanigans – he does touch on some of his more darker experiences such as an eating disorder and a few other things like that. Most of these issues so far have a decent sized chapter to go along with them… Most of it wasn’t really surprising to me, I guess you could say.

But then I got to a chapter called “A Love Lesson” last night. This chapter was only a couple pages long. Two and a quarter pages to be more precise. This chapter took me by surprise. The first line stated “Each time he kicked me, I screamed” in bold letters, larger than the rest of the text.

Tyler was recounting his run in with dating abuse. He vividly explained the actions taken against him and then summed up his feelings and his wish that his readers might take something away from his story. You can tell by the length of the chapter and the fact he stated his concerns about saying anything publicly, that he must had been terrified to start that process.


I know what that feels like. Now I am acclimatized to writing about Wyatt and Dan on this blog. I’m used to the fact that if someone says they’ve read my book then they know all about these men in relation to me. I can now talk about Wyatt without crying.

But Tyler has a much larger audience than me. Though he could only publish a couple pages so far – those couple of pages will reach millions of readers. My hope is, as I’m sure his hope is, that it will reach someone that really needs his words and courage.


Bravo, Tyler. Well done…

Preach it, Mr Oakley, your audience awaits.

**Binge can be found at multiple retailers worldwide, including Amazon


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