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Them attractive 90s boys

I don’t know if you all have heard, but supposedly JNCOs have been in the midst of a comeback.


For several months I have tried to convince Vollie-Dan that he should go baggy style instead of wearing those horrid skinny jeans – and then I heard this glorious news and attempted to convince him JNCO was the way to go. Of course he shook his head in disgust and refused. Periodically I’ve bugged him about it…

Then yesterday another youth was playing around being silly turning his baseball cap around and sideways… I told him what he needed was a white baseball cap to be real fly. This graduated into a discussion about 90s male fashion and I urged him too to check out JNCOs. I believe he used both the words “ew” and “never” when I showed him pictures.

I mean come on now… I can probably be happy meeting half-way re: jean width – to be honest JNCO jeans can get slightly ridiculous in size. But the shorts were always kinda cool… I’ve always loved the look of cargo shorts and larger shorts on guys. I loved the white backwards baseball cap covering a bleach blond head… I loved a guy with a couple silver hoops in his ears, wearing oakleys and likely wearing chains on his wallet…


Plain tshirts or tanktops… I even liked the funky patterned Hawaiian-ish style shirts they would wear sometimes… (Justin used to wear these a lot more when he was 16 😉 )

My goodness 90s males were attractive. Come to think of it a few guys my age still dress like that on occasion. Very attractive, I must say. Jimmy still dresses like that… sometimes Justin does too. Even my rednecky husband still wears JNCO style shorts once in a while.

Youth boys please take note. If you wanna be truly cool you need to dress like guys from the 90s. A little bit of the skater and snowboarder boy flavor; a little bit of 90s rock. I mean srsly now. Skinny jeans only work on skinny tattooed rocker boys – I don’t wanna see them anywhere else.


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