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Inside Out

For weeks and weeks I’ve been hearing about the kid’s movie “Inside Out” and how it teaches children how to deal with their feelings.. I kept hearing it was good and just never got around to watching it until last night.

Lord. It is so much more than just “dealing with feelings.” This movie accurately describes depression to children without actually saying it in so many words. I was amazed at how accurate it was.

The title character goes from all feelings to negative feelings to no feeling at all.

A very important message from this movie is not only that it’s good/okay to have mixed feelings – it is also good to feel sad and not happy all of the time.

At least feeling sad means you are feeling something.

I must admit I cried when she finally got sadness back… I cried like a child… But I am so glad I watched it with my kids.

2 thoughts on “Inside Out”

  1. Not just a very entertaining film but a very important one. We’ll look back on this in 10, 20 years time and declare it a crucial social lesson. The sooner people understand that feelings is your body and mind adapting to situations and should be listened to, the better.

    The ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ approach is long gone.

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