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There was something so satisfying about seeing the explosion of sparks in my rear view mirror as my cigarette hit the pavement. It took only a flick of my wrist to toss the stub of my fag out the window at 10 PM this evening.

Nobody around; Ke$ha blaring on my radio as I took one last long drag of that Marlboro Menthol. I tossed it and glanced at my mirror – boom, it hit the blacktop in the dark – an explosion of orange against an inky canvas. My own personal fireworks, if only for a split second.

I reached out slightly until my finger found the window controls and rolled my window up as the color faded back to black.

There was only a split second of brilliance before the dark enveloped everything behind me again. A small smile crept to my lips as the thought crossed my mind Well, that was satisfying.


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