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Movie of our life

So, over the weekend I found out some information about my life, my family, etc that was a bit of a shock if I’m honest. Of course my first instinct was “OH MY GOD – I HAVE TO WRITE THIS ON MY BLOG.” But of course, I knew I’d have to restrain myself from that. Unfortunately it’s just something too big to share with the world.

I did have to talk through it with Svea and Maja, however. We had a bit of a group message discussion and then Maja skyped me.

Of course the first words out of her mouth were “DO NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG!!” I laughed as I told her my first instinct. We chatted a bit as she checked on my emotional status – honestly, I think I’m fine, just processing still. Then she made an offhand comment that if we were to make a movie about our lives, combined with Svea, it would obviously be a box office smash.

“We have murder, we have intrigue… I mean think about it! It could be a hit!” There’s run ins with (and dating of) criminals, there’s domestic abuse, there’s broken homes, there’s drugs… I mean, how can this not be a hit??

So we started discussing who would play us, who would play any supporting male characters… all the while messaging Svea as we cackled in laughter.

As a run down of our conversation: Originally Maja decided I should be Emma Stone… but later decided I was too saucy for that and that Alexandra Breckinridge would be better suited. Svea is to be played by Jennifer Lawrence, Maja is to be played by Emmanuelle Chriqui… even though Maja is insulted that the actress is so much older apparently (I dunno – we decided she was gorgeous regardless and Maja was out voted.)

When we moved onto men in our lives the girls tried to restrict my character to two or three in addition to husbands like they have… then of course when I complained and asked who should make the cut at least half of them were needed.

It was easy enough to choose the male actors for Svea and Maja… but I think they got tired of trying to figure out actors for mine – ha ha, eventually Svea said something about random guys. Like any random guy would just do… pfffft. (Also, calling you out, Maja, for saying “Rae has no ranking system it’s an all welcome typa game.” )

Even after going to bed (for me) and picking the conversation up the next day we still hadn’t decided on all of my boys… but a few that we came up with were: Eddie McClintock for Dane, John Gallagher Jr for David, Kevin Mckidd for Jason, Andrew Scott for Dan… That’s it so far… we have a long way to go. I suggested finding a spot for Alexander Skarsgård (after seeing his new Tarzan pictures… hmmm…) and Svea said we could fit him in as one of my Randoms, but Maja claimed him for her Italian. Hahaha… (Think any of these actors would be down to do our movie?? 😉 Haha.)

Anyway, I know all of this sounds very juvenile – to be honest this is similar to conversations that we have had in our teen years – but it’s good for my spirit to have these two girls that we can laugh and joke and say naughty things in the midst of such a conversation. 16+ years of friendship with girls like this does good for my soul… even if they’ve dubbed me the “Samantha” of the group 😉



**Post Script Edit: Just decided I need Brock O’Hurn to be Andre 😉

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