Motivation lacking

Hey… I know I haven’t written that much recently – I have excuses such as having been in Darwin a couple weeks and then my Mom and Step-dad being here for a further three weeks…

At times I feel like I want to write – just cuz… but I don’t have inspiration or otherwise my motivation is lacking.

Mostly it’s a motivation thing I think. It’s been raining quite a bit these past couple of weeks and while I prefer that to the scorching heat that would otherwise be assailing me – the rainy weather appears to make me feel over exhausted. Then… I just don’t wanna… do… anything.

I am back at work full time again now after five weeks of being off/working part time and if I don’t write something now I fear I will not get back into this really.

Blogging isn’t something I want to give up… but… eh. I wonder how many of my followers actually even really “follow” me anyway… Actually even read most of my posts, not just scroll past me on their reader.

I wonder if my writing is even worth putting out here sometimes. I wonder if it’s even worth writing on some of my older themes anymore because people might get tired of reading similar topics all the time… or if readers would even care if I changed themes – or have stopped reading because it’s not like what I posted earlier in the year.

I have an idea for a story that I would label overall as fiction… a bit different than older stuff, but not way off base… maybe you all would like it… but then… ugh. Motivation.

Maybe after Christmas I’ll be more in the mood to put forth the effort and write…

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