The Eye Dancers

So awhile back I had another indie author reach out to me and ask me to read his book. To be honest I had stumbled across his blog before and thought that the book could be interesting – but then decided against it because it appeared to be a Youth book… A book written for Youth/Young Adults that is… and a lot of that genre can be lacking in quality.

But Michael Fedison reached out, so I thought “Eh, why not?”

Oh my goodness, you guise. This man is very talented. The quality of his writing is bar none and the content is imaginative and original.

I haven’t quite finished the book, but I must say I was drawn in from the first chapter and as you can see from his amazon page – there are a lot of people that seem to agree. It is a must read if you enjoy sci fi/fantasy genres.

While you’re at it… check my book out too 😉 …and if you have already I am still looking for more amazon reviews!

Much Love – Rae


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