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My Dream Part

I realized recently that for those of you that haven’t read my books – especially the first one – don’t yet know about my love affair with the Theatre. Not much about it anyway. While the Theatre is usually referred to in the feminine sense, I think it’s safe to say the stage used to be one of my previous flames as well – one of my ex-boyfriends. One of those exes that I still hold a candle for, one that I care about still though we can’t be together – at least for the time being.

In Gymnasium I was co-chair of the drama club for 11th and 12th grade – we called ourselves “The Children of The Revels” or something to that effect. I believe I dubbed my chair-partner “Linus” in my book. Not that that’s important right now, I don’t plan to talk about him much at the moment… but… just in case I bring him up later, that’s who that is.

I’ve reprised a few notable roles in my time – in 9th grade I played Fyedka in Fiddler on the Roof (there were a shortage of boys, ok?) and that was my first time really acting. Actually having a real part – more than some generic part in a nativity or something to that effect.

Then when I went to school in Sweden, we had a tradition of 10th graders competing in a “Shakespeare Day” and 11th graders competing in a “Drama Day.” Each class would put together a production that fit within the theme and time limit and perform it for a panel of judges, along with whichever students wanted to watch.

The first year my class tied with our sister ES class. We did a Death compilation – death scenes from 4 or 5 plays. I was Desdemona in the Othello finale scene. My classmates agreed I was made to be Desdemona… *squinting* …I’m still not sure if that was meant to be a compliment.

The next year we adapted Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway and I played Helen Sinclair.We won that year all out. The role of Ms Sinclair may or may not have been labeled as perfect for me as well… Hmmmm….

Me as Helen Sinclair

Midway between 11th and 12th grade I was offered a spot to work with the American Drama Group Europe. That would have been an awesome opportunity. The chance to be onstage would have been unlikely – at least at the start – because they were legit and had famous actors performing in their productions. The problem was, at the time they offered that they were based mostly out of Stockholm… They’d travel around Europe of course, but they had their headquarters or a main office in Stockholm… later in the year they decided to move to London, so that thwarted the ability for me to work with them at all while I was studying my senior year.

Regardless, I have done a handful of roles… not only these three, but more from short one act plays or scene studies in classes from Ethiopia, to the USA, to Sweden… But the one part I’ve always wanted to reprise has been Rizzo from Grease. I feel like Rizzo is simply my home girl. I think I could really give “There are worse things I could do” a legitimate performance. If I was made to be any character – it would be Rizzo.

I’ve never gotten to take part in a production of Grease and now at this point in my life I’m never going to get that chance.

The last time I got to do anything with my lovah, Theatre, was in 2005 when I helped with a production of Once on This Island. I came along too late to audition for a part, but I still got to help with making the props and running the special effects control board.

Puppet making for OOTI – I’m top right 🙂

Unfortunately, Theatre is a needy lover. Unfortunately, getting married and now especially having young kids has made it difficult to commit myself to anything like that and if I can’t commit fully it’s better to not be half assed about it… I mean, I’ve got work, St John Cadets to run… small kids who can’t be left alone when hubby is working… siiigh…

Maybe one day I will be able to get involved with a local troupe again. Maybe one day I will have the chance to have another love affair with the stage again… Maybe one day I’ll be thin enough again and have enough make up to pull off a teenage Rizzo – hey 30-somethings play teens on TV once in awhile… and I’d have stage make up to help with that deception… right? Right.

Oh, Theatre… I miss you… I miss the sight of you, the smell of you, the feeling… and oh, the drama… Wait for me, will you?

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