You Broke Her

So touching… and sad… and it seems to me it is also a must read.

Fabulous With Glitches

This is not my usual style of blogging but thought it needed to be written. There’s a sense of closure once you blog something isn’t there?

I met her in 1987 – We were sophomores in High School. I knew instantly we would be best friends when she walked into class. Her name was Mia.

She was undeniably magical. She wore Liz Claiborne, the original formula and she was the only one I knew that wore it. She had the prettiest most infectious laugh that made you want to be around her. It was almost like a drug. She always wore black and her scarlet red lipstick. She had freckles on her cheeks and a slight copper edgy bob. She drove a maroon 1986 Mustang GT with T-tops.

We hung out everyday at lunch and after school. We had a ton of mutual friends that were an eclectic bunch of…

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  1. OK now I cried for Mia here because you put into words what being abused feels like as well as putting this very important subject into cyberspace to help others who maybe suffering at another’s hands. I’ve been where Mia was. Right up to writing good bye letters to my son’s. I stayed with my head always to the ground for 25years until one day 3 years ago I walked away. I work on myself daily trying to undo what damage was done. I grow with each day away. Thank you for your tender tribute to your friend. It reminded me how far I have came. Happy blogging!

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