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Fettisdag, Mardi Gras…

Well, Fuck. I felt a brooding emotion start simmering over the past few days and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Maybe it’s just PMS… But no. Quick check your calendars: Fat Tuesday is set for just a couple of days after my birthday this year. Thus comes Lent, which will take us through March, over St Patrick’s day (and shortly thereafter Easter.)

This year there is a very similar time frame as 2008 when Ash Wednesday was on February 6th and Easter was on March 23. This year it is Feb 10th and March 27th respectively.

Goddamn I hate St Patrick’s day… And Goddamn if Lent doesn’t remind me of St Patrick’s day 2008.

It’s like my body knows independently that this is the time of year to be in a sour, depressive mood – regardless of me having to think about it.

But then again… If I can convince myself it’s just PMS and eat all the chocolate… Maybe, just maybe I can keep my head afloat though my body wants to sink.

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